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How to use washi tape in decoration

washi tape in decoration

How can you use washi tape in your decor? From time to time making some changes is very good, but the money is a little short, and even so, it beats that carpenter bug to change something. Here's a practical, quick, and what's better, cheap solution, go from Washi Tapes. Then you ask me, What the hell is Washi Tape?

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Origin of Washi Tape

To the Washi Tape are originally from Japan, they are adhesive tapes with different prints and colors made of rice paper, and fell to the taste of those who make Scrapbooks, but the “DIY” (do it yourself) people discovered the various possibilities of application in decoration, or whether to redesign a piece of furniture, give a “up” to a wall, in short, let your imagination take you.

Decorating with Washi Tape 

Get inspired:

washi tapes

Washi Tape to decorate the Wall

 A good way to give a more fun face to the plain and dull wall is to create some frames for posters, photos, engravings and whatever else strikes your fancy..

washi tape photo frames

Inventing Fashion, you can create stylish designs, 

washi tape

Giving an effect on a dull wall..

creative wall

Refurbishing Furniture

Renovating that dull, dull piece of furniture is a good option with the rice ribbons, it will create a more cheerful atmosphere depending on the print chosen from the washi tapes, in addition to being super practical this redesign and you can unleash your creativity.

furniture renovated with washi tape

Center table

furniture renovated with washi

cleaning up with washi tape

Washi tape in accessories



renovated domes

as headboard

washi tape headboard


My Washi Tapes


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