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The beloved poster! Back in the 80's it was craze, fashion, idolatry or whatever you prefer, but the truth is, if you were a teenager or a kid (myself included) at that time, you well know that posters were the sensation in magazine inserts in double page of the newspaper, the one of his favorite idol and as a greater proof of his love, he pasted it on the bedroom wall to admire his idol.

Times passed, the way of seeing and inserting the posters in the decoration also became cult , cool and super original and best of all, it can be an alternative to decorate the wall, that maybe you don't want to put a frame with an engraving, or painting that has nothing to do with you and not even pictures because, you are one of those who hates pictures on the wall. So go with posters because you can't go wrong, they always stand out and you can customize them however you want with your favorite idol, your favorite movie poster, in short, there are many possibilities.

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