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Curtains, 4 ways to use them, in addition to the traditional one

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Curtains, as everyone knows, have the function of controlling the lighting in windows, great for making the environment more cozy and giving more privacy to the space, it is an accessory that can make all the difference in the environment, in addition, it has a variety of materials with which they are produced, the home decoration market invests heavily in the curtain segment, from the simplest in simple fabrics to the noblest in imported and sophisticated fabrics and of course, we have many styles of curtains and which are the most appropriate for each environment, but that's a subject for another post.

In this I want to highlight some possibilities of use, outside the conventional / traditional as we all know.

Check out:

1- Sink curtains

This one is from when I was a kid, I remember my mom made this in the sink at home

This idea is super cool, because in addition to being practical, cheap and depending on the fabric or material of your curtain, it will bring an air of care, because it hides what we never want to show, like the pipes, usually that place under the sink, we store pans, pots, etc… that do not need and should not be exposed, a matter of hygiene and aesthetics as well.

curtains on the sink

sink curtain ideas

2- Closet curtains

He decided to have a closet, however, the money was short to hire carpentry services, and how will it be, will it remain open collecting dust?!! None of that my friend, invest in curtains, a great solution and it's a charm.


closet curtain



3- Separate environments

This practice is very old, it was used a lot in houses with large rooms and to create another environment, or to separate one space from the other, it creates a certain privacy and better organizes the environment if your intention is to create 2 environments in one

Bedroom living room



Super elegant this curtain, delimited the living and dining room






4- Curtains for the Bathroom Box

This one is quite old, but taking into account that the curtains are accessories from the time of the jaguar literally, or rather, from the cave age when primates used animal skins to seal the window, as a way to protect themselves from the cold, of course it wasn't even considered an accessory, but let's face it, the invention has evolved a lot since then and has become indispensable to any environment.

As I said earlier, a practical option and more affordable for your budget, shower curtains are a good solution to meet your immediate need.



It is a fact that it fell into disuse by a large part of the population, with the alternative of glass and later acrylic as another option, in this wet area of the bathroom, even so it can be a more affordable option, for those who do not want to invest a lot $$$, it's very charming, has a lot of really cool prints and resistant material that's easy to maintain.


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