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Creative Hangers


inspirational hangers

Innovating, recreating, inventing are things that have always fascinated me since I was a child, time and time again I tried to create something, to make it have my personality, print my style on some object, accessory clothes I always wanted to find a way to leave it with mine man, and when I see something out there in this “great world” of the internet, I get inspired a lot.

And as I also know, that you always show up here in search of such voila inspirations, this time it's the hangers that are so necessary even more when you have a lot of things to organize, in addition to being a useful, practical and versatile object and if you also have a carpenter like me to give your stuff personality keep an eye out for these hanger ideas

Creative hanger ideas

There are pipes and some old records left, so it could be

the time to innovate in an industrial style hanger project

hangers made of pipes


Are there any drawer or cabinet handles lying around? Then

the chance to use this is to make a hanger for bags with a

small wood, just fasten it with a screwdriver, it looks very charming

hangers to hang bags

Made of measuring tape this one will be fine

in your sewing room 

subway hanger

For the little ones, hangers for children are very useful.

because, with the amount of things they have, without hangers friends

it would be difficult and you can leave the little ones

more excited about creativity

zebra hangerYou know those lost toys out there that your child doesn't even play with anymore?

yeah, but you're going to make the party and make their room more fun

made of legos


Are you still pissed? So yeah, these were done with stencils

and here for us everything was fine 


And this beautiful coat rack made with chevron style painting, can also be

made with fabrics and prints of your choice, it's worth the inspiration


Did you like it? So let's give an organized creative ideas you already have..