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Cozy balconies, 5 useful tips to have that stylish balcony


How to have the balcony of your dreams

Summer is here, this season loved by many but also uncomfortable for others, the truth is that everyone likes to get some fresh air, and what better place than a small balcony to do that? And if you have a large family, one more reason to invest in a space that you have on the outside of your house, and that you can turn into a balcony.

Check out 5 useful tips:

1- Give an overview of the space you have available, if it is small there are no problems it is totally possible to adapt it, remove things that you have in this space that are not in use, the ideal is to leave it clean to get an idea of the size and how customization can be made for a balcony.

small balcony

Small balcony, well used space

two- Define a style, you will see that it is better to start decorating, because from a style it will be easier to direct the composition of the environment, but rest assured that it is not very complicated, choose between a style that you identify with and that is easy to create, there are several, it can be rustic, provençal, cool, modern etc… the important thing is that you like it and feel good.

varied styles

3- Of course, balconies can never lack plants, flowers, because that's the icing on the cake, choose some to compose a garden, because it will bring more coziness to the space. If there is not much space, follow the link  that I posted here on the blog with some tips for small gardens.

roof garden


4  Choose the furniture to compose this environment, use and abuse chairs, benches, if you have space to insert a table, go ahead because having lunch and gathering friends and family is always a good choice in this environment, try to make it inviting and nice for that purpose if that is your intention.

composition of furniture and plants on the terrace

furniture on the balcony

bench and table on the terrace

5- Make use of accessories such as cushions, rugs, lamps at night it is very charming and romantic, a hammock is great because it is a success for sure.


relaxing environment


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