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Cork stoppers in decoration, tips on how to use them and give a more rustic touch to the environment

cork mat
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Enjoy the wine and then use the corks

For wine lovers, it is inevitable that you use your cellar more than usual, and after tasting your favorite wine, or that sparkling wine, you end up discarding the cork, after all, what is there to do with a cork? Well, decorative stoppers can be a good option in addition to being economical, giving a special touch to your home decor and it will certainly please a lot, you will be able to customize it your way and it will be really cool to be able to collect the stoppers to create that one project "do it yourself" with your car

Recycle, Renew any Part

You might have a piece that isn't there, that sort of thing, but you think it could have the potential to be renovated, how about using the corks, it's really cool as a table top, in addition to being very therapeutic, creating a mosaic with the corks.

coffee table with corks

cork panel

A cork panel is very functional, you can use it to pin photos, shopping lists, etc….

cork panel

That dull wall can come to life with a panel!

decorated wall

And more inspirations to put into practice, and use corks…..

dinner lamps

cork mat

creative garland

Good idea for Christmas

cork sculpture

Sculptures are always welcome!