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Container a practical and cheap solution

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Container Multi uses

You may have already seen some reports out there about taking advantage of, and using a new use for containers, that's right container those large containers made of metal for storage and transport of cargo on ships, trains etc... Well then, the great thing is that discovered or rather added a new function to the Container in an interesting, cheap and sustainable way and why not a housing solution for many people, because it is possible to create a very bold architecture and design from containers, which is already happening with restaurants, stores, offices around the world including in Brazil.

Just spy:

mall Container

This mall, Cashel Mall, was built entirely with recycled containers. It is located in Christchurch, New Zealand. This complex was built temporarily after an earthquake in 2011 in the country.


Mix of containers with vibrant colors which brings more life to the place

Shopping Container

Who knows, thinking of a space in this format and using a container would not be an alternative for street vendors.

 Living in a Container

Just look how wonderful, a simple container without great visual attractions was transformed by designer Debbie Grasberg in Kansas City, United States into a glamorous house, which in no way resembles a container.

container house

 The choice for this color palette was very happy, as it left the environment sophisticated, refreshing the ceiling with this texture is a point to consider because it softens this composition even more, the choice of furniture was a factor that contributed a lot to give that air elegant, the turquoise blue color on the walls eliminated any metallic feeling it might still have.


Account Hall

 Good taste, sophistication, elegance, daring


The designer worked each environment in a unique way, valuing the details and thinking about each environment independently, but which complement each other in a certain way.




The kitchen was planned to be

taken advantage of all spaces to the millimeter


Balcony, Glass wall, for better lighting



This positioning of the containers allows a better use of space, helping with ventilation and lighting. And to develop this whole project, 5 containers were needed, which resulted in 241.m² of a wonderful house.


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