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House Room

Quadrism High!


Contemporary comic strips that are here to stay!

Quadrismo how to use this technique in your home decor, then you wonder, but what is this after all? Board meeting? Yes, basically this is the best definition of this word gathering of paintings, and the best is a kind of free style without many rules, you can compose with large and small paintings, with engravings without many rules, etc…. But enough of the blah, blah, and check out this style.


Get inspired:

Thematic Comics

if you don't know how to start practicing quadrism, a good tip is to start with a theme, something you like in this case, the choices were fruits and fish, this can inspire you to look for a unique reference.

thematic comic

Images via pinterest

Gallery Type Comics

In this style you can print a museum “vibe”, compose it with several frames and they can be the same size or not, this is what is interesting about this technique, there is no rule, it does not have to be all the same size, of course, that if you want everything more symmetrical can.

quadrism how to use this technique in decoration

Free style

Perhaps the essence of Quadrismo is this, being free, you can compose the wall, not only with pictures but also photographs, posters,


The rule here, by the way, as I said, there is no rule but the beauty of the technique is to fill the space,



Mix Style

And to finish, among so many options and variations of this technique, making a mix is one of them, you can insert objects other than pictures, such as plates, amulets, letters, etc… a memory is all worth it…..

hipsters on the rise

Image via 

hipsters on the rise

This mix with moduras and this painting with a positivist message.

By the way, pictures with positivist messages are very popular, in addition to motivating, they also decorate, in this site  there are several with these messages, including the one in the photo is from my home office, purchased there, it's worth checking it out, for those who were already motivated by this post, you will love what's there. You can create a wall full of cool messages.