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Color Palette in decorating environments , Learn how to use it

color palette with chromatic circle

 Color palette How to use


This is a difficult decision to choose a color palette for a given environment, I confess that this decision is also difficult for me, as it depends on so many factors, such as the color of the furniture, accessories, having good lighting, the space is big or small, in short, it is a analysis that should be done calmly. Some colors are used with more intensity, others with less, but all can be used in the color scheme that you can use to decorate your home.

And for those who don't know or don't have the slightest idea of how to start how to choose the most suitable colors for each environment, it is very common in construction material stores, home centers to find color palettes, many brands of paints already make this available to the consumer and has an infinity of colors at its disposal. But now comes the doubt which color should I use. So here are some tips.

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Neutral colors

Neutral color palette

Opting for a palette of neutral tones that are generally chosen by many people, as it gives greater confidence when composing the environments, is easy and allows you to abuse accessories with more vibrant and strong tones. All of this is really true, neutral tones always give us the opportunity to be more daring in furniture accessories, etc… but it is necessary to have coherence and harmony so that it does not go too far or become too out of place.

decor color palette
bedroom color palette
living room color palette

In this environment, the great contrast and what gives a spicy touch to this environment are part of the furniture in yellow, it was perfect and without exaggeration. Neutrals always feel soothing to the eyes and look very elegant and sophisticated. Predominant color

predominant color

If you choose a more predominant color so that you can enhance the accessories in the decor, this is also an alternative to avoid mistakes. The predominant color in this composition is gray, however, the main highlights are the shades of blue, lilac purple, giving more life to this environment.

In this other environment, a pastel beige tone was chosen as the predominant one, and accessories such as decorative objects, cushions, rugs and curtains were exalted. This is another option to base yourself on a color palette.

   Pastel color palette

color palette

Color Palette Radiant/Vibrant Tones

And as a palette has an infinity of colors precisely to suit all tastes and styles, if you choose vibrant and radiant colors it is good to use sparingly, that is, there is little care because depending on the size of the environment if you have low lighting and it is very small may not give the proper impression you want, but if you take some care in this analysis, the result can be fantastic.

vibrant color palette


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