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Color Blocking in decoration

color blocking
Abuse of colors, with color blocking

The fashion world greatly influences decoration, I tend to think and practice that when you choose an outfit to wear there is a whole preparation to be done. Will it match the shoe, bag etc…? You keep experimenting to see what works best, and then you start to find and define your style of dress. In decoration it is no different, you have to think about analyzing and composing the environment that expresses your style of living. With the trend of Color Blocking (color blocking) , they are usually striking, strong colors that are used together in the same look or environment, bringing a bolder touch to an environment that was without personality, in need of a new face, and can be used in accessories, walls, in short, you can dare a lot with this technique, abuse the colors, but of course, always thinking that the colors need to be in harmony with each other.

Check out some tips:

color blocking in the room


Imagine this living room without a hint of color blocking, how dull it would be! It gave the environment an up without being loaded, the colors here were used in the right measure.

color blocking in decoration
contemporary dining room strong colors


Invest in furniture in stronger colors if you don't want to or can't change the color of the walls, you'll feel a big difference.

bedroom color block

The room with the color blocking technique, applied to the walls despite always preferring more neutral colors in rooms, in this case it was harmonious, because there is a sobriety in the accessories, such as rugs, bedding, curtains, which gave the environment a light.

how to use color block in decoration

You can also choose a single piece to be the center of attention, a focal point in this case this sofa fulfills this role well with this very strong color, enhancing the environment.




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