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Chevron print

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Chevron Print to Decorate

Maybe you've even seen the “Chevron” print around, which is nothing more than the zigzag print, it came in full force last year and it doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon. Because it raises the mood, it's easy to make a composition with this print and it pleases many people, including this one who tells you that they are desperate to apply this print in some room at home.

Get inspired:

 The chevron print on the wall is very interesting,

as long as the chosen tone is neutral, it will not overshadow

the color and accessories of your environment and also will not weigh down the environment

chevron print on the wall

If you want to reproduce it on your wall, there are already stencils with the shape of the chevron print in craft houses, but you can also do it in another way, follow this link

To Up Your Ladder


The chevron print is great for customizing furniture.

that are already a little fallen, the blog even posted how to customize a piece of furniture with

the print checks here

Chevron is on everything, look how cute it is, on the curtains, cushions


Sheets, pillowcases, are you looking for something cooler for your bedding, the chevron

won't let you down


chevron bedding

Rugs in chevron print, highlight the environment but,

be careful not to weigh your hand in the setting, and leave it too loaded



I know I'm going to go out hunting for fabric with the chevron print, and produce something to give my house a makeover

then I'll show you.

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