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Chairs, indispensable for decoration

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musical chairs

Chairs, the most revolutionary object in the world of design and decoration of all time, this object is indispensable in any decoration of environments, necessary, practical and a key piece, that's right, a “key piece” to change an environment.

It has gained so much importance that it is no longer just a necessary accessory for the seat and has become an important and illustrative factor for design, great names in design have already exalted this magnificent object with great creations that pass from generation to generation being worshiped until nowadays.

And let's agree, if you have a great admiration for chairs like me, you will want to collect them, put one in every possible corner of the house, besides, they are very versatile and have something for every style, pocket $$$, and taste and manufactured in the more diverse materials.

Get inspired;

Long live the differences! Composing a dining room with different chairs seems a little strange, but the proposal is to choose models that harmonize with the style of the table and the environment, and look how interesting, without that face of everything neat, tidy, combined, for those who like it to dare, it's worth the tip.

different chairs

mix of chairs

Performing other functions

alternative nightstand

alternative magazine holder

alternative table

Comfort and Beauty asEames there is plenty

eames composition


In a corner to relax

space to relax

creative foyer

space to relax


inviting space

inviting space

Complementing an environment

comfort and beauty

integration and style

in a prominent position

egg chair


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