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Candy Colors: Add Joy to Your Interior Decoration

candy colors color palettes for room decoration

Hello! If you're looking for a way to add a touch of sweetness and lightness to home decor, You've come to the right place. Today, let's dive into the enchanting world of Candy Colors and discover how these shades can completely transform any room. Ready for a colorful trip? Let's go!

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What are Candy Colors?

Candy Colors, or “cores doce”, meaning “candy colors” in Portuguese, are those soft, pastel tones that remind us of the sweets and sweets that we love so much. We're talking baby blue, cotton candy pink, mint green, soft yellow, and so on. These colors have the power to bring a feeling of calm, comfort and joy to spaces, in addition to being super versatile.

Color palette that makes up Candy Colors

This table represents the base of the “candy” and may vary, but there are possibilities to create variations in tones to make the compositions more fluid.

candy colors color palette
Color palette with hex references
  • Vanilla Yellow A very light, almost neutral yellow, evoking the softness of vanilla.
  • Soft Lavender A very light lilac, which brings a feeling of tranquility and freshness.
  • Peach – A soft shade of orange, inspiring coziness and gentle warmth
  • Mint Green A soft, calming green, perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Pastel Sky Blue A clear and refreshing blue, reminiscent of a clear sky at dawn.
  • Cotton Candy Pink A light, soft pink, reminiscent of the sweetness of cotton candy.

Why use these tones in decoration?

Firstly, they are very versatile and can be easily combined with other colors. Furthermore, they create a welcoming and happy environment, ideal for children and adults.

4 reasons to create compositions with these colors

  1. Cozy environment: Candy Colors create a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for those looking for a refuge from the stress of everyday life.
  2. Versatility: They match different decorative styles, from modern to vintage, from minimalist to boho.
  3. Natural lighting: These shades help to reflect natural light, making the room brighter and visually enlarged.
  4. Touch of Personality: Using Candy Colors is a way to add personality and originality to your spaces without overwhelming them.

How to incorporate Candy Colors into your decor?

There are many ways to incorporate candy colors into your decor. You can start with small details like cushions, curtains or rugs, or opt for larger items like sofas or painted walls. Regardless of the approach chosen, it is important to maintain a balance.

See 10 inspiring ideas

1.Kitchen: These tones are very attractive for the kitchen.

Image: internal home

2. Dining Room: A dining table with chairs in shades of pink, blue or yellow. Combine them with neutral tones to create an attractive look.

Furniture and accessories are easy ways to add a pop of color.
Image/Reproduction: DIgs Digs

3. Bedroom: The most conducive environment to create compositions with this color palette, a place to relax and be cozy, many of these colors bring this effect

candy colors double bedroom decoration
Image/Reproduction: Pinterest

4. Children's Room: They are perfect for this environment, a happy and fun touch


5. Bathroom: Color and style options for coverings and countertops

bathroom with candy colors
Image/reproduction: Pinterest

6. Monochromy: Choosing a single color from the “Candys” palette to create a pleasant environment is an option that creates a lot of elegance.

kitchen with joinery in pink tones

7. Wall Ideas: A painted wall or a wallpaper in Candy Color can be the focal point of the room,

Image/Reproduction: Pinterest

8. Art and Decoration: Unifies the environment by creating harmony and elegance, such as paintings and decorative objects


9. Texture and Fabric: Curtains, pillows, and rugs in Candy Colors add layers of texture and comfort to the room.

Image/Reproduction: Pinterest

10. Furniture and accessories: These are easy ways to add a pop of color.

Image Reproduction Pinterest

If you work from home, candy colors can help keep your environment lively and inspiring. Consider investing in a colorful ergonomic chair or office desk in shades of green or orange.

Tips for Harmonizing Candy Colors:

Balance is the Key:

Combine Candy Colors with neutral tones to create a balanced and harmonious environment.

Try combinations:

Don't be afraid to mix different shades. They generally match each other very well.

Bet on the Details:

If you prefer a more discreet decoration, use them in the details and accessories.

Tips to Consider

Decorating with Candy Color is like opening a jar of candy: each choice brings a delicious surprise and transforms the environment in ways that only the sweetness of these colors can do. It's important to remember that colors can affect our emotions and moods. “Candies” are generally associated with joy, energy and fun. Whether through a major remodeling project or just adding little touches here and there, these colors have the power to renew and bring joy to your home. However, it is important not to overdo it and maintain a balance between colors to ensure that the environment remains harmonious and welcoming.