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Boiserie, a charming artifice!

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Boiserie to increase!

“Boiserie” have you ever heard that word, it’s pronounced “Boáserrí” well, anyone who is into Decor, Architecture, has certainly heard it, but for those who haven’t, here’s a little explanation Boiserie is a French word that means wood more precisely carpentry, woodwork, that is, those frames made of delicate wood usually applied to the wall, this decorative artifice appeared in France, hence the origin of the name around the 17th and 18th centuries, to guarantee an ornament for the walls, who watch Sopia Coppola's 2007 film Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst, you can check out the walls with Boiserie.

But enough of history and let's move on to the present day, what this decorative heritage inspires us and let's transport to compose an environment with this artifice.

Get inspired:

This is the original form of the Boiserie, when it appeared, it had many ornaments, to highlight golden painting, some even had a gold bath, very common in palaces of the time and until today they are a reference in France.

Boiserie Palace Marie Antoinette

Boiserie nowadays,

This footprint of the old with the new is super interesting, it brings balance and elegance to the environment.

boiserie on the wall

Up to half the wall


It can be painted in another color, maybe a stronger tone to make the ornament stand out more.


Another cool tip is to dare in a closet that has smooth doors,

and apply some frames to give it a Boiserie look, look how elegant


wall with boisserie


Originally, as I said, it was developed in wood, but today you can find it in other materials such as styrofoam, plaster, pvc and bring more elegance to your environment. Easy to find in Home Centers. The quality of some alternative materials to wood are so similar that it is difficult to distinguish just by looking.

Among so many options to give an “Up” to the wall, using Boiserie can be very elegant if that is the effect you want, and you are skilled with a drill, and other materials for this you can make yourself.

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