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House Room

black and white decor

home office with black and white decor
home office with black and white decor
black and white decor
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Black and White to inspire

Black and White in decoration is perfect! I confess that choosing a certain tone of a color to compose the decoration of the house is really difficult, even more so if you don't have the slightest notion of colors and those basic doubts hammering you, what color matches my furniture, does it match that tone in the wall? My accessories don't match the color of the furniture, anyway, questions that we are in doubt every time, that we are going to give the decor a makeover.

But as they say in fashion, art, architecture, design, and so on…… Go basic, that is, that good old basic black dress that never goes wrong, right? And Decor is no different, less is always more, that's a golden rule.

If you want to change but without a lot of juggling without major interventions, bet on black and white, because it's something simple, elegant, classic and doesn't require any difficulty and it's a charm, not to mention that this bicolor duo pleases a lot of people.

Check out:

Black and White Decoration in the Home Office

In the Home Office, to make a good impression, pass an image

just the right amount of seriousness

In the Home Office, to make a good impression, pass an image

just the right amount of seriousness

In the children's room

Black and white decoration in the children's room is also possible, it does not always need to be colored

to draw the child's attention it needs to be playful and in this case you can't even miss colors knowing how to dose and choose

the objects are fun

children's room with black and white decor

black and white children's room

blanco+negro habitacion infantile black+white nursery

In the kitchen,

Usually people are a little afraid to use black in the kitchen, they opt for white and

mix with other colors, because they think that black could weigh down the environment and make it too dark, let's debunk this myth

Think of black as a complement to white if your idea is for a black and white decor in the kitchen.

black and white custom kitchen

Tip: Set black to the underside such as sink cabinets, tables, countertops and white to the wall, ceiling, cupboards, 

because the white expands and illuminates the black leaving the harmonious environment

Dining room with black and white decor

In the living room it looks super elegant and sophisticated

In the living room follow the same rule as in the kitchen, invest in accessories, furniture, black, it is preferable

leave the walls and ceilings blank as it will brighten the environment and make it sophisticated, elegant

Living room/living room with touches of black and white

black and white wall composition living room

apartment decorated in black and white

This all monochrome environment was super elegant,

remembering that you can paint the walls black, if you choose to do it that way, however, do it in 

walls close to windows or doors to bring in light

black and white relaxing space

For bathroom and toilet

If there's something about contemporary interior design that's always going to be a hit,

it's the black and white combination in the bathroomthe/toilet

Provencal style bathroom in black and white

bathroom with black and white wallpaper

small bathroom in black white

You see, how interesting the absence of colors in decoration can be, elegant and sophisticated, for those who have a preference for something in this style it looks great, there is no mistake and always pleases.