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Bathrooms, Choose Your Style

How to Plan a Bathroom Renovation in Your Home
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Special Bathrooms

You're planning a renovation, or you're going to build or both, and it's time for the Bathrooms, and you don't have the slightest idea of what this very important room in the house will look like, it's true that many people don't care, they think it's a basic place, to take a shower for needs etc… But no, the bathroom says a lot about the personality of the homeowners, I myself love bathroom design, it may seem like an easy thing, but it’s not always like that, it’s good to be careful with the choice of materials , the style of the sink, vase, etc…

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Contemporary/Modern Bathroom

This style of bathroom is currently a dream and desire for consumption perhaps for many people, all very clean, modern pieces, clear coatings, modern, overlapping vats on marble tops, niches, plaster, mirror, everything very organized, a luxury.

bathroom style

In the contemporary style, the possibilities are countless, as the industry in this sector invests a lot in this regard, there is always news, coatings that imitate wood, sustainable inserts, it really is very interesting to choose this style, of course it is not something very cheap depending on the choice of the materials, but it's certainly something you won't have to worry about, because, in terms of the durability of some materials, it's for life.



The cool thing about contemporary style is that it is perfectly possible to mix materials, leave it with your personality, and to have one of these it is interesting to consult specialized magazines, and if necessary, hire an architect or interior designer, because they know it well. the most suitable materials and can leave everything the way you want.



rustic style

You want something more abrupt, more stylish, in your bathroom, so the ideal is to take advantage of old pieces, use demolition wood that has already withstood various weather conditions and in the bathroom it will be a piece of cake. This wall with apparent bricks gives more strength to the style, hydraulic tiles also make a good combination with the rustic


This one has a mix of styles, the stones and the bench in rough dark wood, left the bathroom with a clear rustic,

modernity are given by the large mirror, glass vat, another very interesting balcony is being able to mix styles.



With a retro touch

And who doesn't remember the bathrooms of the 80's? The colorful, patterned coverings, vase and matching sinks, yes, I always comment here that trends come and go, but with a current footprint and in this case you can use coverings with retro prints


bathroom remodel

hexagonal bathroom cladding

bathroom renovation tips


Made with burnt cement it was an option for decades, as coatings were very expensive at the time and many people did not even consider this condition and used burnt cement in the bathroom, as it was a cheap option this technique basically consists of using a good dose of cement and smoothing so that it is as uniform and smooth as possible, today there are already machines that do this job.

bathroom renovation

with tablets

bathroom remodeling tips

with wood


This bathroom classic can serve as a base and be an adjunct or main style that you want to give to the bathroom, as it goes well with many materials such as tiles, wood, other coverings.

bathroom renovation

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