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Baby room decor: learn how to choose the best breastfeeding chair

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A breast-feeding provides babies with the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development. That's because breast milk contains everything a baby needs during the first months of life and many of the components are responsible for protecting it, while the immune system completes its development.

And the breastfeeding it is as important as the place and environment where it takes place, which must be comfortable and pleasant. For this, one of the essential items is the breastfeeding chair.

Until the mother starts to breastfeed her baby, she does not realize the importance of where she breastfeeds. And this can take a long time and it is very important that both the mother, who has to hold the baby during this time, and the child are comfortable.
It is normal, at first, to improvise and breastfeed on any chair, sofa or armchair or even on the bed itself with the help of some pillows. But nothing is comparable to a comfortable chair specifically for this. Therefore, this is one of the baby room furniture most essential!

sophi beige nursing chair with swing and beige pouf 00259422 GG2
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What to consider when choosing a breastfeeding chair?

The ideal nursing chair will be soft and comfortable, but it should also be easy to get into without too much effort. In addition, it is ideal that it offers maximum stability for the female body. This is because the mother will already have to worry about the baby and other items that help at this time.

Attention the proportions

The ideal measurements of a good chair are also really decisive. The ideal seat height will be one that allows the mother to stand up with her child, who will weigh between three and ten kilos, in the proper position and without having to use her hands. If the chair is too low, the mother will need to use her hands to support herself on the arms, but this is not appropriate for either the baby or the mother. The correct thing is that she is able to stand up without using her hands to do so.

As regards the depth of the seat of the breastfeeding chair, it should allow the woman to get up in a practical way, without having to move her child to perform this movement. If we talk about the height of the armrests, avoid making them low because they will help with the support for breastfeeding the baby in a comfortable way.

The optimal height of the backrest part is also of great importance. The mother's head must be perfectly supported on the breastfeeding chair. Keep in mind that it is normal to close your eyes at some point while the baby is breastfeeding, so that the head is perfectly supported in the chair.

types of fabrics

As for the upholstery, ideally you choose one that is easy to clean, as the baby will sometimes spill food and the armchair will be easily stained. In terms of design, of course what is beautiful must be thought of in accordance with the other elements of the decoration of the environment. The armchair becomes part of the interior design and you can even count on cushions or perhaps bags to place useful tools during lactation, such as cups, bottles, pacifiers, tissues, bibs, tissues, among others.

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Also remember that the breastfeeding chair it is not a short-term investment because when the mother stops giving her own milk to the baby, she will still have to give a bottle, for example. In addition, the armchair can be used as a reading chair or a resting moment when you are playing with the child in his little room.

Best position to feed the baby in the breastfeeding chair

To breastfeed comfortably, the baby needs to be properly positioned at the breast. So it's important to sit in a comfortable place with arm rest and place the baby positioned in the mother's abdomen region. The baby's head is in the crook of the arm, with the face toward the breast, leaving the baby's knees under the other breast. The baby's head, back and legs should be straight. This position can be maintained during the course of feeding.
Thus, having a comfortable and quality breastfeeding chair will make all the difference during this very intimate moment of connection between mother and child. Don't give up having an armchair with all the necessary support and, if possible, also invest in types of armchairs that have support for the legs. After all, breastfeeding is a very special period and should be an experience that is enjoyed in the best possible way.

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