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Alternative Homes, low-cost construction option

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Alternative houses, a possible reality!

Looking for alternatives to live in, decorate, etc... is what I always try to look for and encourage here on the blog and in my career in general, and when I have the opportunity to bring something interesting and that can help readers in some way, I don't miss it. time.

Well, this week My Wooden Furniture opened for visitation to MMM 404 a house made of Container, this house was designed by the team itself, where it is possible to live in a small space, nice, sustainable and with low investment. And of course an Alternative house with its constructive form made of Container

Check out:

House facade


The house has a total area of 27 m² and has a kitchen integrated with the living room,

bedroom, bathroom, and service area

alternative container homes

Living Room, the wall was in the original form of the Container only

painted to give it an industrial look, and show how it is possible to reuse

the materials and show sustainability,


Floor in OSB, gives more comfort to the environment


super spacious bathroom

alternative houses bathroom in the container

Couple's room, cozy,



Liked, this open house for visits in:

At Univali – Galeria – José Carlso Daux Highway (SC 401) 502 B – Saco Grande, Florianópolis

From: 5/16/ to 7/11/2015

It is a concept house, however, it is interesting and important to show alternative houses, with construction outside the conventional standards that we are used to here in Brazil. Congratulations to the MMM for the initiative to better publicize this concept. containers for homes, shops etc…. in terms of economics it is viable, of course it will depend on what you want the materials to coat, etc…. but just having options on how you want to build your house, researching and delving into this housing system. It's already valid

Images: MMM