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13 Solutions to optimize small apartment

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Nowadays, a small apartment has become synonymous with success, whether it's the first achievement of a corner of your own, or the independence of leaving your parents' house, in short, there are countless factors to celebrate this great achievement.

However, do we know that the challenges are also great, when it comes to furnishing, decorating, etc? but with these tips and practical solutions, you can put it into practice and make your small apartment as comfortable and cozy as possible.

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1- White or neutral walls in the small apartment

It may sound cliché, but keeping a neutral base or even keeping the walls white or in neutral tones is a very practical solution for beginners in decorating a space alone.

The lighter base allows the space to appear wider, and more organized, allowing for a functional and more needs-focused decoration.

2- Avoid too much furniture

For the best use of space in a small apartment, focus on what is really needed, avoid furniture that is not suitable for the environment that is too big, or too small, that does not meet the needs of the environment.

13 solutions for a small apartment
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3- Small apartment with functional furniture

Bet on functional furniture that serves more than one function, this will help optimize space and organize everything necessary.

You must bear in mind that the decoration of a small space must be functional, and one way to streamline and optimize is to opt for more functional furniture.

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4- Verticalize

Want to find a way to expand your small space? Free up space on the floor, use the walls to gain more storage space such as shelves. You can make a room feel larger by using vertical storage and choosing lower furniture. Hang plants, accessories, artwork, and shelves higher to make the most of that space.

5- Integrate the environments

Usually in small apartments, it is a good solution and for a better use of space it is necessary integrate environments, such as: living/dining room, kitchen/dining room, this setting allows for a wider sense of the environment.

6- Sectorize

Another good solution and a great way to organize a small space is to divide it into sectors, this helps to demarcate the function of each environment, even though they are unified, a good way to make everything more visually organized.

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7- Tailor-made Furniture

Of course, the idea is to be much more practical and have an apartment decorated at a low cost in terms of decoration, however planning some custom-made furniture is a super valid alternative due to making full use of the space. And if the property is still rented, it is possible to take advantage of this option, as you can ask the carpenter for a modular project, and when you move, you can take the modules with you.

8- Enjoy every corner

Another small space solution is to maximize the corners of each room! Avoid placing tables or other furniture in the center of the room, bet on the sides, free the center and for better circulation.

Using shelves in specific corners is a good storage device, especially smart for living in small apartments.

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9- Adequate lighting

The success of a well-organized decorated environment also has a lot to do with the type of adequate lighting, whether natural or artificial, if natural lighting is not so favorable, do not hesitate to invest in adequate lamps of good quality, and that supply the need of the environment.

10- Expand your space with a mirror

A classic small home design trick is to add mirrors to make spaces feel larger. This interior design tip can work just about anywhere in your home, no matter how big your mirror is. Play with reflective surfaces in your living room, foyer, bedroom or kitchen decor to add depth to your living space.

11 – Use furniture with exposed legs

You can improve the flow of each room and make small spaces feel larger with open-legged furniture. Whether it's a sofa and coffee table in a small living room or a dresser in a small bedroom, using furniture with exposed legs creates the illusion of a more open plan.

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12- Get organized with kitchen storage

Small space storage needs to be smart and creative and that means making the most out of every nook and cranny possible! Invest in storage containers like bins and baskets to organize valuable square footage. Not only will you make better use of the space, but it will also be easier to find what you need.

13- Eliminate opening doors from cabinets

Try replacing doors that have hinges for sliding doors, or even furniture with an opening door that can interfere with circulation, such as wardrobes or buffet in the dining room.

This simple change will make a lot of difference in how much space you will gain, in addition to sliding doors for some environments they will also be very beneficial for the best optimization of the environment as a whole.